Jake Peterson

Partner, Media Director

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, I’ve called Los Angeles home since 2017. Having a passion for content creation, film, and many of the arts there’s no better place to be and company to work with.

Venice Beach is an ideal environment for a creative mind. From the street art, to the boardwalk vendors, local businesses, and the incredible diversity which visits the city, I’m blessed to be surrounded by things which constantly inspire new and exciting ideas for our clients.

Los Angeles is the creative mecca of the country. I have the privilege of collaborating with second-to-none talent on a daily basis. There’s never a day that goes by which I’m not stoked to present our partners with new ideas and polished work. I live for those reactions.

I look forward to working alongside your team in any way I can and helping create something that stirs similar reactions among your fans, followers, and customers.